Ask the Board – March 6, 2017 | BRYAN MESZAROS


What type of content do you find the most difficult to provide or acquire for your clients, and how do you deal with it?”

It’s difficult to isolate the challenge of providing content for one particular type as each “environment” presents its own unique difficulties. Challenges that often occur range from finding high-resolution imagery that is royalty free to generating syndicated content that can be filtered for the intended audience. In most cases, especially for imagery/video, we tend to suggest that the client hire us to produce/film it instead of spending money to secure the rights of a piece they may have wanted to use but could not afford.

The common thread is working within a set budget, and that will determine the method in which we produce content. Video tends to be the most difficult to acquire, in part because of the quality that is often necessary and sometimes the cost of the rights to obtain. Producing content from scratch is often the most cost-effective means to provide the client with what they are looking for and can satisfy the budget means.  

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