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What type of content do you find the most difficult to provide or acquire for your clients, and how do you deal with it?”

We do mostly HTML5 or data-driven content. Most everything we do involves programming. In other words, we write custom software code. We do have challenges helping clients’ and partner agencies understand the complexities of custom code over other types of graphic or video design. For example, when a client is dealing with a graphic designer, moving some text over a few pixels may be no big deal, but when it’s code, and that text is coming from a dynamic data source, we may have some challenges. We do our best to help translate the challenges of creating visual content out of software code and turn things into plain English. Also, it’s important to let everyone know the reasons why we’re being tasked to write code over creating a video or graphic. It’s because that code allows the content to be easily updated from a CMS or data service. When we help promote the benefits of what we’re doing, we find it’s easier for everyone to get on board with these technical challenges.

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