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What type of content do you find the most difficult to provide or acquire for your clients, and how do you deal with it?”

Source, or working content is the most difficult to acquire. The majority of content that we create for digital signage applications is within the retail sector. Therefore, all of our retail clients have a plethora of other marketing-based content already in existence. As such, we usually try to leverage this existing content by reengineering it to suit the unique needs of digital signage.

In the vast majority of cases, we will only be provided final files. An example of this would a finished 30-second broadcast spot or the final files for an outdoor poster. While we can work with any final file, the opportunity to create something unique is greatly improved when we have access to source, or working content.

In the case of a broadcast spot, this would be all the additional minutes (or hours) of footage that were edited down to create just 30 seconds. For a finished print piece, the working files could contain un-cropped photography or even additional images.

To gain access to this additional content, we always make a point of connecting directly with our client’s other agencies. As discussed in previous responses, most other agencies are agreeable about providing this additional content once they are comfortable with how it will be repurposed. Our clients also appreciate this approach as it has the added benefit of saving additional costs.



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