Ask the Board – May 15, 2017 | DOMINIC DESIENO


What improvements have you seen in hardware that have made it easier to install, operate and maintain displays in outdoor locations?”

A big improvement in hardware that I’ve seen is the advancement in OPS players. These players are designed to slide into an expansion slot built in to the monitor. Once the player is inside the monitor, the only additional cable you need is a network (if applicable) for the player. The power and video is integrated into the expansion slot. These powerful players can then handle video to multiple screens as well as handle all of the serial (RS232) control over the monitors.  Moving to this installation configuration has cut down on both our installation time and cost as well as increased the ease of install. Unless you’re doing a giant video wall, there’s nothing an external player can do that the OPS player can’t. It has been a great change for us and for the industry, and it’s only going to get better.

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