Ask the Board – May 15, 2017 | JERRY HARRIS


What improvements have you seen in hardware that have made it easier to install, operate and maintain displays in outdoor locations?”

The latest improvements to outdoor displays are wide ranging from the modular fabrication to being lightweight and easy to service. Lightweight outdoor display fabrication requires less structural/robust mounting hardware. Lighter metals and composite materials are more prevalent than before. These materials also provide a cost savings because they run much cooler, hence saving energy.

Additionally, displays have become less rigid and much more flexible, which increases the possibilities of where a display can be installed.

Because of the advanced technologies the manufacturers are incorporating into the display panels, connecting and operating the outdoor displays has become much easier and faster. Some manufacturers have taken the guesswork out of maintaining outdoor displays by engineering their module panels to be serviceable from the front and from the back. This reduces downtime, and depending upon where the display is installed, it becomes less of a hassle if you are working in high areas or confined spaces.

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