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What improvements have you seen in hardware that have made it easier to install, operate and maintain displays in outdoor locations?”

The technological advances for hardware as they relate to outdoor signage have created additional options and formats along with allowing the operational side to be very user-friendly.  Examples of these options include a variety of outdoor digital signage displays that can be mounted in high traffic areas and display quality content.  These electronic displays are convenient to update either manually or using the Internet. These types of signs also allow options for the consumers to interact with the signs and learn more about a particular venue, product, team, etc. Some of the more popular locations for these types of mounts that I’ve seen are on the outside of downtown buildings, or places with high consumer traffic as well as on area college campuses.

Another example of improving hardware and ease of operation is with the addition of video walls. The technology is there to make video wall screens more portable, utilizing various outdoor locations to display your messages.  Some other important components to ever-increasing advances in hardware include the ability to use backlit options, which make the message more vibrant.  Others include the ability to install protective cases/shields to help ensure the safety of the equipment and projectors.  The improvement in quality over the years for outdoor projectors has been amazing.  We’ve used outdoor projectors for short video highlights of the team displayed with great clarity in key areas around the city. 

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