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What improvements have you seen in hardware that have made it easier to install, operate and maintain displays in outdoor locations?”

I’m a huge fan of the new all-in-one fully encased all-weather displays. They are certainly not for every application, but they do simplify the process for those areas where they make sense. I have seen vast improvements in quality and brightness over the past few years, and I like the simplicity of not having to pair an enclosure with the display and add all the additional moving parts to handle the cooling. This keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum. Of course, this approach is not for every application. There is still a need for more traditional display/ enclosure setups where the workload dictates the need, and I have seen definite improvements in the reliability of enclosures. I am also excited by the advancements in outdoor large-format LED displays where the resolutions have improved dramatically. Fine-pitch displays and flexible LED canvas are giving us more room than ever for creativity. We are now at a point in time where we have several options to consider when deploying an outdoor display, and that’s a big win for end users.



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