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Can you explain video-agnostic planning and its value in layperson’s terms?”

The media placement and buying community have evolved to monitor and value online and then mobile screens in addition to foundational broadcast media. Digital out-of-home or placed-based displays have never been truly accepted and valued by the media buying community. Video-agnostic planning calls for including and valuing ALL digital displays in the media planning mix, in effect stating that all screen views- regardless of their format and/or location — are comparable in value. This concept tries to equalize all video content across all formats or even their contextual use. Video Agnosticism is the latest buzzword (that attempts) to bridge the gaps between all the channels available to today’s digitally empowered shopper. It will eventually happen, but it’ll require far more maturity within the digital OOH community to participate more completely in the broader media buying and placement ecosystem.

While I understand the drive to normalize the display landscape, it makes it easier to cater to the ‘out-of-date’ media buying metrics of reach and frequency. All displays (and their contextual surroundings) are not created equal. The challenge for the digital OOH community is that unlike accepted standards that evolved for online and mobile for media elements and delivery, the digital OOH landscape utilizes many different CMS architectures and delivery mechanisms, making it very difficult (if not impossible) for all these disparate networks to scale from the perspective of the media buying community.

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