Ask the Board – May 2, 2017 | BRYAN MESZAROS


Can you explain video-agnostic planning and its value in layperson’s terms?”

“Agnostic” is a term that is still relatively new to planners and being redefined as consumer media consumption habits change. In short, it’s the planning for distribution of a campaign across various OOH channels (mobile, digital, web, etc.) without a specific design intent for one. This means that, sometimes, we only plan for a specific audience based on the channel of distribution, i.e. length of time for mobile versus length of time for TV. In this instance, we become agnostic, and therefore, the media is formatted in a way that it can be distributed across multiple channels, and the message (in length and context) remains the same.

With the changing habits, new OOH channels and the increase in mobile adoption, it becomes harder to create specific engagements, and therefore, planning to target all of them at once is more effective.

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