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Can you explain video-agnostic planning and its value in layperson’s terms?”

Video agnostic planning is the concept of placing a video spot across multiple media platforms or screens such as TV, computer, mobile device or digital sign to reach the multiscreen-centric consumer.

The idea of placing content and advertising across a myriad of screens is receiving heightened attention as projected growth for cross-platform programmatic ad buying is on the rise.

Conceptually, the idea of using a single spot across diverse media may seem to ease a video-agnostic, audience-based buying approach.  However, preparing content for use across screens should take into consideration that the viewer will be exposed to multiple messages, on screens of various shapes and sizes, in a plethora of environments (both in and out-of-home), while engaging in various behavior(s) and, of course, dwelling for different lengths of time.

That said, in order to use a single spot, for a cross-platform programmatic approach, ad-serving software that has the ability to transcode, or resize, is imperative to ease production and creative times whether it be for buying across diverse digital place-based networks or across major media at large.

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