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Can you explain video-agnostic planning and its value in layperson’s terms?”

Short Answer: Video Agnostic Planning means preparing video for delivery across multiple devices, screen sizes and delivery platforms.

Long Answer: Agnostic comes from a Greek word meaning “Without Knowing,” so when we talk about “Video Agnostic Planning,” we’re talking about preparing video ‘without knowing’ where or how it will be viewed.

The video could be played across multiple devices such as a television, a tablet or a mobile phone, and on those devices, it could be viewed through a variety of delivery platforms such as YouTube, Netflix or Hulu.

Ironically, in order to create the best experience possible for the broadest possible customer base, a content producer must prepare (or ‘plan’) for the uncertainty of how, when, where or on what size of screen a customer will view their videos. This means both on-screen content should be designed for maximum clarity and the video should be rendered in a format or formats that allows for smaller file size and quick streaming starts.


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