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Can you explain video-agnostic planning and its value in layperson’s terms?”

Video-agnostic planning refers to allocating video dollars and impressions to any video delivery platform regardless of screen or device format to reach the on-the-go consumer.

Since consumers spend the majority of their time out of their homes surrounded by digital screens, e.g. a transit digital screen at a subway station or a digital Wi-Fi kiosk on the streets of New York, solution-neutral video planning takes into account all available video platforms to deliver the most effective advertising plan. People consume video content when it is most convenient and relevant to them throughout the day via their mobile devices, TV sets in their living room or while waiting for a plane arrival at an airport.

With the explosion of digital out-of-home screens and mobile devices everywhere, all equipped to play back video content just like TV, marketers are increasingly driven to serve video messages to consumers closer to point-of-purchase to influence behavior at the right place and at the right time.

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