Ask the Board – May 22, 2017 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


What do you see as the five trends that will have the largest impact in the digital signage industry over the next few years?”

  1. The continuation of Moore’s Law – wherein computing power doubles every 2 to 2.5 years. This fundamental reality has been, and will continue to be, the driver behind the rapid evolution and acceptance of mobile, display, network and computing technologies. Moore’s Law is behind the fact that, at every DSE, manufacturers present products that are smaller, brighter, cheaper and more powerful. 
  2. ‘Cloud’ computing – what Tom Friedman refers to as the ‘supernova’ is accelerating the expectations of digitally empowered shoppers. The capabilities that are being presented literally in the palm of our hands are driven by cloud computing. From Microsoft 365 to Netflix, cloud computing is a force multiplier that provides access to almost limitless, complex and almost free resources to anyone with an Internet connection.
  3. Connected devices – Between Moore’s Law and cloud computing, the possibilities and value of connected devices is unfathomable. These three foundational elements will drive the next chapter of the digital revolution.
  4. Pivot discussion to business processes – Enough with specification sheets and the feature/function capabilities of media players and CMS ‘solutions.’ These capabilities are only table stakes to participate in today’s market. The market is seeking truly holistic business solutions that address root causes appropriate to engage the broader business ecosystem relevant to the specific vertical market. A computer, a display with content managed by a CMS is not a solution; it is a clever tactical implementation that STILL is in search of a viable strategy!
  5. Creating marketing and merchandising environments instead of trying to synchronize individual selling channels – The perception of multiple selling/buying channels will (I hope) give way to creating seamless, frictionless marketing and merchandising environments. Experiential environments empowered with the appropriate technologies to benefit the shopper is the primary focus.

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