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What do you see as the five trends that will have the largest impact in the digital signage industry over the next few years?”

Trends that I feel will have an impact on the digital world are:

  1. Keeping up with the fickle fast-paced consumer. We keep saying things can’t go faster, yet they continue to do so, and I fear the pace will only quicken. We are surrounded by digital content, and I hate to say that we almost becoming numb to it. Bigger used to be the secret sauce, brighter used to be the secret sauce, clarity used to be the secret sauce, but now we have all of that and more. The question is “what’s next?” 
  2. Now that a lot of retailers have invested in large digital format, holo-graphic imaging is on the horizon. That cool scene in Back to the Future where the billboards come to life and images leap out at you is around the corner. How disrupting will that be to have invested in a large-scale digital solution only to have it replaced with a new, shinier model.  
  3. Content – we cannot stop talking about the content. I just came back from the North American Auto Show and was once again blown away by what I saw. If you have never been, go and don’t worry if you don’t like cars. The show has so much more to offer. Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep had an amazing digital show with sound every 15 min. It literally made you stop in your tracks. Content will continue to be king even when the new, shiner model of digital comes out.
  4. I have always looked at digital as yet another integrated design opportunity, not a screen you slap on the wall. In the evolving physical retail environment, digital can be worked into a store facade or featured more up-front in the store. We as retail designers have an obligation to find new creative ways to incorporate digital technology and make it more of the store experience. I was recently in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai had put a showroom in a mall of its cars, similar to Tesla only one better. Every wall surface and ceiling was a seamless digital screen. It was beautiful, dynamic, interesting and ever changing. If they wanted, the screens could have interacted with me as I moved through the space with motion sensors. Imagine a cool restaurant that could remodel the space with the flip of a switch.
  5. Connectivity – What if, as a customer, you had more control over the content? Colors, shapes, speed, etc. What if you could book airtime on a screen, perhaps for a special announcement or celebration. The experience generation wants control of their experience, and at times, the environment. This would always keep things changing. Images could be stored and content built up over time, a constant layering effect if you will. A sort of endless time line. I am not sure what something like this would mean or what the implications are. The point is constant re-invention of the norm is what will be needed for the digital world to survive


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  1. Very insightful outlook comments Ignaz, with which I agree.. Your comment on auto bears particular note, as I too am seeing increased enthusiasm in the auto dealer market. Improved display capability such as OLED and HDR quality imagery has the capability to now better present product features in auto, fashion, jewelry and sectors that depend on instilling inspiration.

    I also agree with your stated importance of connectivity, as more media engagement enables the premises, on-location cloud and more efficient connectivity are essential to value. I’ll look forward to your comments in future.

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