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What do you see as the five trends that will have the largest impact in the digital signage industry over the next few years?”

The top five trends in 2017 that will have the largest impact on the digital signage industry over the next few years are:

  1. Consolidation:  We’ve been expecting a consolidation in the industry for a while, but I think it’s actually starting to happen now. Case in point is Stratecache’s acquisition of Scala and Real Digital Media (in addition to PRN and others before). I think we’ll see more of this going forward.
  2. OLED replacing LCD: This may not happen right away as it takes some time to transition large factories, but clearly OLED is next-generation technology. As manufacturing production ramps up, costs will drop and adoption will increase. However, as a crossover point from LCD, it’s still maybe two to three years out.
  3. Screens get smarter: Most commercial screens these days have built in “SoC” (System on Chip) media players. The first generations are pretty weak, but with quad core CPUs and better graphics rendering, you’ll see this become the “new default” versus outboard media players.
  4. SaaS is the norm: The days of on-premise Content Management Software are numbered.  Everything is in the cloud or will soon be there. There will always be a “laggard” IT dude that insists on building his own empire on-site, but more and more business critical applications are in the cloud, and it is very cost effective.
  5. Big Data drives content:  Digital signage is all about getting the right message in front of the right eyeballs at the right time. The days of simple video playlists are numbered.  Dynamic data will drive playlists and dynamic content to be more engaging. This has been a little slower to happen because digital agencies are not that savvy to dynamic digital signage, but based on this year’s APEX awards submissions, I would say we’re turning the corner on that and others will follow.

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