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What do you see as the five trends that will have the largest impact in the digital signage industry over the next few years?”

1. Retail sector spending currently represents about 35 percent of overall digital signage investment, and it will increase as physical stores are made more appealing and provide a better customer experience as reflected in my summary articles of the January 2017 National Retail Federation conference in New York.

See Digital experience budgets managed by Marketing are exceeding technology spending by the Information Technology department, and this will be positive for digital signage. Also, as B2B and B2C communicators experience the impact of the media when used in retail, it will gain greater consideration for application and communications investment.

2. Owned media in the “paid-owned-earned” media model will continue to grow. Owned media includes digital signage, online and mobile in particular, which offer transmedia and campaign fulfillment capabilities.

3. The integration of digital signage with devices will make content more relevant and contextual. Proximity triggering and “lift and learn” are some examples and other use cases are indicated as mirrored, translucent and OLED display are integrated into the environment.

4. Third-party ad commerce will benefit from significant advancements in programmatic and native advertising. These approaches will increase ad placement on more networks.

5. Image quality will improve with higher resolution presentation, the use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and significantly improved audience targeting and contextual dynamic content. 


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