Ask the Board – May 23, 2016 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


What does the future of eco-friendly digital signage look like in terms of power consumption?

As we saw at the recent DSE in Las Vegas, the technologies that support and define the digital signage ecosystem get smaller, brighter, cheaper, more powerful, generate less heat and, for the most part, they consume less power to make them all operate. Sustainability continues to act as a driver for the conversion from analog (paper) signage to digital. During a recent conversion with a client at the recent DSE, they noted that they produce and distribute roughly 1 million pieces of analog signage every year, and 90 percent of that collateral has a life expectancy of only 30 days! While it may seem obvious, I would be very interested to understand how eco-friendly the manufacturing and end-of-life disposal process is for electronic displays and what the true amount of energy is that’s being consumed by a display over its lifetime! Often times, the displays are simply scheduled to display black at night and continue to draw power 24/7/365. I suspect that the numbers would be quite shocking. Perhaps someone out there has some insight they could share.

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