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What does the future of eco-friendly digital signage look like in terms of power consumption?

 Power consumption is always a challenge with digital signage, as there are a large number of electronic devices that will consume large amounts of power. The good news is that the biggest offender, the display, has been radically reduced in its power consumption thanks to LED technology. This enhancement will only continue as we look at additional technologies like phosphor dots that can further reduce the power needed to produce saturated colors. The media player is the other power hog in a digital signage system, and it too has been undergoing a reduction in power usage. The CPUs are becoming much more power friendly, and there are now a larger number of non-PC options from Android media players to computing sticks like those from Google and Intel that run off very little power draw.
The future may also include more bistable devices, like e-ink, that will use a level of power consumption that current display technologies cannot as they only need power supplied when the image changes, and static images can be left for long periods with no power consumption at all!

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