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What does the future of eco-friendly digital signage look like in terms of power consumption?

Engineers are a gift to the world, and their work in advancing eco-friendly displays from CRT to plasma to LCD to LED to OLED, even as sizes increase, is a testament to good stewardship of our earth. As media players transition to solid-state devices that consume micro-watts of power, and compression algorithms maximize connectivity throughput, the digital signage technology ecosystem gets eco-friendlier by the day. For further benefit, not only is operational power consumption being minimized, but the recycle-ability of end-of-life devices is moving to nearly 100 percent.

However, the greatest impact to eco-friendly communications is perhaps in the inherently digital infrastructure that enables more communications to occur and reduces the eco-impact related with static printing, shipping, posting, tear-down and waste disposal.

When eco-friendly technology and the reduced impact of static signs are multiplied by the substantially improved results of using digital signage, one can be assured that the moves to digital will continue to be eco-friendly.

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