Ask the Board – May 23, 2016 | PAT HELLBERG


What does the future of eco-friendly digital signage look like in terms of power consumption?

 There’s a saying: “The trend is your friend”. And in this case, the trend in digital signage power consumption is “less”—less consumption of energy at the outset and less consumption of energy during the length of the installation’s service. This improvement can be attributed to two factors. One, manufacturers are constantly striving to produce installations that use less energy. Decreased energy consumption is a great selling point. Two, with the cost and access to energy rising, customers and communities expect and demand improved energy efficiency. Outdoor LED signs have been particularly scrutinized, and rightfully so, for power consumption. When they were first introduced several years ago, these signs were notorious for consuming excessive amounts of energy, especially in comparison to the conventional billboards that they replaced. Now, improvements in LED efficiency have led to reduced energy consumption every year for the past five years running, according to most studies. That effort will need to continue. Clean, easily accessible energy is getting scarce.  As a result, digital sign manufacturers will be required to continually innovate to drive down power consumption and thus, cost of ownership. The trend is your friend. And this trend will live on.

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