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When should an agency advise a client to create “intelligent spaces” using digital signage technologies? What exactly would that entail?”

The short answer is ALWAYS! At Posterscope, we are of the opinion that we can, and should, make all digital buys intelligent. There are a number of ways to do that. From the planning and buying stages through execution, we have possibilities of optimizing, extending or maximizing the value of our digital investment for clients. We know from research in OOH done over the last 20 to30 years that there is commonly a “wear-out” effect of creative in OOH that kicks in usually after two weeks of posting, and that it increases quite rapidly over the following weeks, so naturally there is a need for changing the creative and keeping it relevant over time.

Already in the early briefing stages, the strategy of the client or campaign should be the ruling force in whether to invest in digital OOH or not, and when we actually put DOOH on plans already at that stage, we need to have ideas on how we can maximize the value of it. This entails knowing and identifying potential datasets that can be used to inform and essentially trigger the most contextually relevant creative. What we have learned so far is that this work starts at least eight to 10 weeks before first day of posting. It demands a close collaboration with other agencies and the client, and we – as the specialists – need to spearhead the initiatives in order to actually make the spaces we buy intelligent.

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