Ask the Board – May 29, 2017 | RICK ROBINSON


When should an agency advise a client to create “intelligent spaces” using digital signage technologies? What exactly would that entail?”

Only if there is an intelligent idea to go with it! Sorry … I couldn’t resist…Agencies should only advise their clients to invade space – intelligent or otherwise – if the message experience adds to the environment.  Success looks and feels like a harmonious merger of content and context with a clear and material achievement of time, fun or money.  This question must be answered with a YES. “Have we earned the right to occupy?”  If unequivocal, then proceed.  If not, retreat.

The potential components of an “Intelligent Space” are abundant; digital screens, beacons, Wi-Fi, mobile engagement, VR, etc., etc. They are simply the messengers, and they are inherently dumb. We humans, and the narratives we spin, can potentially make them smart…

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