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Besides dwell time and price, how do you decide if digital signage ad space is worth purchasing?

There are a few other very important factors to consider when evaluated digital signage for advertising purposes. First and foremost, does the signage deliver to the audience that our client is trying to target, or to put another way, does the network target an audience that is desirable to our client? Assuming that it does, and that it covers the appropriate areas geographically, we will then evaluate dwell and price as well as the overall size of the target audience it delivers. Is there enough scale to justify the network’s inclusion in the media plan? One of the final things we evaluate is the content. Is this content that people will actually watch given the characteristics of both the content itself, as well as the environment in which the content will be consumed. In other words, is the content compelling and appropriate for the environment. This is especially important in today’s world where digital signage content must compete with the content on our smartphones.

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