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Besides dwell time and price, how do you decide if digital signage ad space is worth purchasing?

Dwell time and price are but a few of the several dimensions that are taken into account when evaluating the value of digital OOH ad space. The other criteria that are brought into the consideration set are location, demographics and the opportunity for the target audience to see the message.

The model for DOOH ad pricing needs to quickly evolve to meet the level of what advertisers expect with digital ad channels (mobile, online, search). The challenge for DOOH ad networks is to provide much more than an impression-based model. A real-time performance-based pricing model is critical for brands and retailers as they continually strive to justify the ROI on their ad expenditures. Advertisers have high expectations for digital media as they have seen tools that can manage campaigns while they are in-market vs. post-campaign analysis.

In addition to real-time data/feedback on how an ad performs, brands look to engagement vs. eyeballs as part of a successful campaign. DOOH campaigns that can provide data on “actions” or “conversions” are more attractive than pure exposure plays.

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