Ask the Board – May 30, 2016 | RICK ROBINSON


Besides dwell time and price, how do you decide if digital signage ad space is worth purchasing?

There’s a complex decision matrix at work—a mix of hard science coupled with art and instinct. The baseline costs of entry are in the core facts: geography, impressions, audience demography, screen size, spot length, etc., all of which are usually the top-line filter. The “softer” and more elegant “art and instinct” attributes are qualitative: context, viewing experience, venue, intercept purpose, editorial content, screen layout, space interior design, mood, etc. The challenge for any OOH planner/buyer is to find the perfect merger of content and context that harmonizes with the creative message. Once all those planets are aligned, then price comes back into play as a negotiation. In the end, it’s usually not all one factor. It’s their overall relationship to the brand, the campaign strategy and often other specific variables.

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