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In your opinion, what does the future look like in terms of powering digital signage via Ethernet?”

The growing use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices in the future for digital signage solutions is going to be very well received, but not without some challenges. There are clearly going to be noticeable advantages when it comes to the cost of integration. The principal cost savings for using a PoE product will be in the capital expense of pulling wires during the initial installation. The second costs savings will appear through the operating costs of managing these devices.  Saving costs and increasing speed of installation will certainly be well worth it, but there are some limitations at the moment. At this time, there is a power limitation of PoE, and that puts restrictions on the size and capabilities of the devices that can be used. Another drawback is network disruptions. With traditional signage hardware, you are able to operate without a network. If a device goes offline due to an outage, the content would continue to play back. If the network switch fails, and the device uses PoE, then it will power down and not display anything.

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  1. Your point on improved device management is an excellent one. But it bears noting that the trend toward fiber (which cannot carry the power of which wire is capable), nips the prospect of POE in the bud. I love reading your comments!

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