ASK THE BOARD: Monetizing Your Network

What are currently the most lucrative ways to monetize a digital signage or DOOH network?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Ian Dallimore

“At Lamar Advertising, our inventory is different from the place-based digital signage because our inventory targets “everyone.” Our digital billboards are able to target a massive portion of any given market population…”
Director, Digital Innovation & Sales Strategy – Lamar Advertising Company

Read the Answer by Margit Kittridge

“Network operators should use digital signage platforms to their full capacity. Otherwise, the medium becomes undervalued as a whole. Rather than looking at digital out-of-home as “static posters on TV screens,” network operators should…”
Vice President, Digital Director – Intersection

Read the Answer by Scott Marden

“The most lucrative ways to monetize a digital signage network today are through selling advertisements. To drive the most profitable campaigns, a network must have some or all of the following…”
Chief Marketing Officer – Captivate

Read the Answer by Brad Savage

“Operators have always been looking for various avenues to drive more revenue for their network. We have found standard advertising content works best for us. That said, we have tried other means to generate more revenue on our network.”
Vice President and Executive Director
Motor Vehicle Network

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