ASK THE BOARD: Network Security Maintenance

How do you maintain your digital signage network’s security?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Ian Dallimore

“Security is a major concern for all businesses these days. Lamar, like many Out-of-Home companies, has the added pressure of its digital displays being seen by the masses 24/7/365. A security breach on a website is one thing…”
Director, Digital Innovation & Sales Strategy – Lamar Advertising Company

Read the Answer by Cheryl Flohr

“The most important aspect of testing a digital signage system is to engage all of the critical teams needed. For a large company with multiple locations, this would include team leaders from human resources, facilities, information technology and operations.”
Director, Communications – Parker Aerospace

Read the Answer by Gary Harris

“Our vendor’s cloud talks to a media bridge device located in our Data Center. The media bridge is behind two firewalls on campus. All sign players communicate with the media bridge via passive FTP…”
Digital Video Engineer – Notre Dame

Read the Answer by Scott Marden

“Because Captivate is an office video network, which is located within more than 1,600 class-A commercial real estate buildings, network security is vital for our property owners and their tenants. To ensure network security, Captivate has built a unique ecosystem…”
Chief Marketing Officer – Captivate

Read the Answer by Mike McGraw

“Being vigilant and proactive is key. We employ multiple levels of security though both hardware and software in an effort to reduce any un-authorized access.”
SVP, Marketing Solutions
Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

Read the Answer by Brad Savage

“MVN ensures our digital signage network’s security with a multifaceted approach. The computers that run our digital signage are ideally on networks with no other machines. If required to be on a network with other machines…”
Vice President and Executive Director
Motor Vehicle Network

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