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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

A communications or operations team can use a variety of manual or automated ways to see how well their digital signage is working.  In addition, you can review stats that analyze your data immediately or at a subsequent time.  

Collecting manual data will not scale well, but walking around allows a manager to see how many customers there are, whether they are happy or frustrated and if they are informed or have questions.  It will also give you insight into how to change your signage content and how staff can assist with completing a goal or transaction.  A manual review can also help you understand complicated customer flows and if guests are getting the right information at each step.

Using automated systems allows you to collect exact information on how well your signage is working. In most cases, this data is collected after the customer has engaged with a sign/kiosk. For example, what items are being purchased at the point of sale relative to signage messaging?  Employee communications often use web links to distribute information, and these web links can be analyzed to view visitor counts on certain days.  This method also scales when using multiple screens to disseminate information.

It is possible to have both automated and immediate data using smart signage software or cameras. Smart signage can utilize real-time data like RSS feeds and playlist logic to change promotions based on inventory, timing or sales goals.  Cameras with facial analytics can provide sales dashboards that provide real-time customer counts, happiness scores and even detect which image or message is actually looked at more often and for how long.

Finally, once you start receiving data, a successful sign solution will utilize a CMS to change specific content quickly, leverage dynamic content based (e.g., feeds, location, weather), dispatch to other data collection systems (e.g., web links, QR codes) and leverage subsequent data mashups (e.g., most popular sign slides combined with sales data).

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