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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

In a corporate environment, no digital signage is ad-based. Messaging is aimed at groups like visitors, customers, suppliers and potential employees or strictly employees.

The content for these audiences is a mix of what they are most interested in such as new contracts won, improvements in performance, upcoming events and growth and direction of the company – and what the company wants them to know and respond to – things like new initiatives in which they will be asked to participate (quality, safety), metrics for efforts they need to improve (delivery) and new leaders that they should meet.

So how do you measure success for these signs and their messages? There are a few ways, some more precise than others. One way to measure is to do a survey of the groups viewing the signage. Capture a good representative list and ask those on it what they read, remembered, acted upon, liked and disliked. This will immediately give you measurable feedback about what is working.

You can also do an in-person interview with viewers. Station a staffer next to a well-viewed sign and have him or her ask pre-planned questions. What is most attention-grabbing in the messages that flash by? What is boring and not so effective? Will you follow up on anything you see here? Was any of this specifically helpful? If so, which messages and why? This kind of survey will give you responses that provide more color than metrics, but will be very helpful in your general assessment of effectiveness.

The key to all of this is to actually take the time to assess and measure feedback. The success of an organization often relies on the effectiveness of its communication efforts. It is critical that we regularly check to see if our signage communication tools are proving information that is helpful and moving the business forward.  And how will we know if we do not ask?


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