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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

Success is measured in many ways with a revenue-generating digital signage model. The challenge comes when you attempt to measure the success/effectiveness of your digital signage deployment when the focus is strictly to distribute information.

The best advice for measuring a non-ad-based system is to ask if the messaging is effective. When you start a new campaign, there should be some way to garner its effectiveness through an engagement trigger. This could be a call to action such as “sign up for a particular program” or “download an app for a discount.” By having tangible data, you can measure the engagement without guessing whether or not the message is reaching your target audience.

Non-ad-based or information-based digital signage can be very effective when it comes to alerting staff, patrons, etc. about new information or services on a mass scale. If the “needle” moves, then you know it’s effective.

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