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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

The type of digital signage campaign that we deploy at the Blue Jackets, other than a direct sales campaign, focuses more on branding and content.  So for a successful deployment of a non-ad-based campaign, a measure of success for us with the current content/branding piece is to make sure we produce engaging creative. In the realm of professional sports, it’s important for us to grab the consumer attention with a graphic or video that concentrates on emotion and highlighting the action of NHL hockey. 

Other factors that go into the evaluation or measurement of success include determining the demographic we are targeting for the campaign.  For example, if we are using an outdoor digital network for our campaign, we should be looking at the locations that best fit the traffic patterns and overall impressions for the target group we are trying to reach with our message. 

Other uses of digital signage for us in a non-ad campaign include area hotel displays and digital displays at the airport. Both of these target visitors ‘to’ and residents ‘of’ Central Ohio and focus on overall awareness of the Columbus Blue Jackets. In addition to simply developing engaging creative and focusing on our brand within the campaign, we like to direct people that we are targeting to our website. 

Another way we measure the success of a non-ad campaign is to give each of these digital signage networks their own vanity URL.  For example, an ad we run at the airport may direct people to while the same type of content running on a hotel network could direct people to  Internally, we are able to use these various codes to track the overall web visitors we are capturing through the different campaigns and then evaluate which networks are performing the best.  




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