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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

At times, collecting ROI data from digital signage can be a daunting task. Just convincing those with the budget strings is the first hurdle. Some might think it’s too hard to explain the value, others feel it requires too much cooperation between departments and then there are those that just feel it’s too expensive.* More often than not, those that discourage the need for inter-corporate communication through digital signage are the ones who demand to see the ROI on expense.

Once you managed to deploy an inter-corporate digital signage network, what are some of the ways to identify the pre-existing metrics you hope to affect? Some examples are:

  • Employee satisfaction surveys,
  • Gauging reactions to employee benefit offers, and
  • Measuring employee feedback to variable messages that encourage participation.

Even if your metrics are slightly abstract from the key purpose of the screens, it’s important to track targeted criteria post-deployment. These are all hard numbers based on extrapolation of physical data. While it is sometimes admittedly difficult to measure the value of inter-corporate communications through digital signage, numbers gathered from commercial signage could be applicable to inter-office communications. 

For example, we know that dynamic animated content is always more captivating than static billboards and will always capture a wider audience. This fact alone should be reason enough to see the value of digital signage as a way to communicate to employees.

*1) Digital Signage Market Faces ROI, Cooperation Challenges: Survey

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