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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

The answer truly depends on the purpose of the digital signage. For an installation meant to convey information, provide services or assist with wayfinding, the metrics might consist of dwell time, survey results or reduction in volume of questions to other channels such as phone calls or a live person.  Response to a call for action or other offers could also be measured. This might be the case for a digital menu board where certain items are showcased. An increase in the number of those items sold or inquiries about that item would be indicative of a successful deployment for that purpose. For displays that provide an interactive service, the metrics may include a short dwell time (to indicate ease of use and success in performing the expected task), number of transactions performed, a decrease in other channels used or even survey results. It is very important that these success criteria be developed at the beginning of a project to help determine its success, but it is equally important to watch for other unexpected metrics shifts that may not have been thought of at the beginning. Sometimes, surprise results can occur. 

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