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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

METRICS OF SUCCESS: When you’re involved in a digital signage deployment that doesn’t function based on ad revenue, it can be tough to quantify the return. The information conveyed is for company communication, staff engagement, wayfinding and other items not usually directly tied to revenue generation.

But there are other ways to look at the value and success of a digital signage deployment. Some of the metrics of success include:

1)     Decrease perceived wait times. Whether that’s sitting in the waiting room, standing in line at a store or in a public space waiting for transportation, digital signage can decrease perceived wait times resulting in a consumer choosing to return to your hospital, store, office, etc. Surveying customers post-experience or interaction is one way to determine if this success metric is working.

2)     Gather and use employee/staff/consumer feedback. Use individual and focus group feedback, compile anecdotal comments and stories and survey them on the topic. Our organization has a specific question about the digital signage channel in the space of employee communication and how much it helps them feel informed about hospital happenings in our annual communication survey. Although this is qualitative feedback, we can react to it and improve our digital signage deployment if this metric changes over time. We also do exit surveys of our consumers (patients and families) for feedback on their hospital experience – confirming that digital signage helps improve their overall experience.

3)     Add interactivity where you can to understand audience usage patterns. A select number of our digital signs are interactive to help with wayfinding and providing information on hospital amenities. Tracking the sessions and how long those sessions last on average can help determine usage as well as locations that are popular and allow us to compare this data over time.


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