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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

Metrics for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment in many ways make it easier than developing metrics for an ad-based network. For one, there isn’t necessarily the pressure to change content on a moment-by-moment basis as is often required with ad-based deployments. The second part is identifying the audience, how to engage with the audience and location (i.e., lunch room, way-finder, directional, etc.). The messaging can be tailored to a specific area or to address a specific need and not be limited to design structures of ad-based deployments. The system can and may seem like a stand-alone solution. That’s okay. Integration may be easier, but that generally means more maintenance and handholding. If it isn’t for a big marketing push, dollars associated with the deployment will also be more limited.  As compared to ad-based networks, you have to consider different ways of connecting with audience and metrics to confirm effectiveness. 

You need some means to measure items such as dwell time, interactive-ness and “scan/push” for more information scenarios by using different methods such as touch, RFID, beacons interaction methods and even facial recognition options. These will give you the idea of audience engagement, which in many ways may actually be higher than ad-based, since you’re tailoring it to the needs of your client base. 

Begin with identifying a few important metrics, such as the articulated base-line objectives. To prove and justify the existence of the system, you need to provide metrics for success and continued support. Be alert and understand the real purpose and goals. Dollars, time and resources are typically going to be limited, and unless outsourced, support for maintaining the system and refreshing the content will be an in-house responsibility.  

Digital signage is all about content. Who is going to wear the crown required to collect the data, maintain and manage the content piece? I believe that non-ad-based deployments are more fun to work with because the internal clients are open to newer ideas and options. This is a chance to play a little and think out of the box and find new ways to reach out to the audience.

Don’t let it get you down, not everyone is going to share the potential of non-ad-based digital signage, different engagement methods and the benefits that come along with the extra design freedom and open-mind thinking available with it. Until next month, let your creative juices flow on design and content, especially creative design and feel.

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