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What are some of the metrics of success for a non-ad-based digital signage deployment?”

Whether or not you operate an ad-based digital signage network, there are a couple of core metrics and KPIs to think through:

  1. Network up-time– Although many digital signage networks operate under a content caching model, some do not, and therefore, network up-time translates into your ability to properly convey your core message. Thinking through your approach towards managing network up-time will ensure you are thinking through your connectivity medium (LAN, WAN, WIFI, Ethernet, etc.), your hardware selection, and most importantly, what level of downtime is appropriate for your signage application. In some instances, where content caching is relied upon heavily, you may only need a high degree of network up-time during periods where you expect to update your content. However, if you rely on real-time or streaming media, your ability to maintain a fluid experience will tie directly to the percentage of time your network is online. Your ability to clearly distill down a network up-time metric will help shape your hardware refresh strategy, not to mention your overall support model.
  2. Signage placement as a means towards optimizing for engagement– Being able to tangibly understand how many eyes are potentially able to engage with your platform will allow you to understand what you can expect in terms of your viewership and ROI. I suggest running multiple placement studies that leverage facial tracking software to properly understand what your potential viewership may look like. Try various placement locations with multiple content options to properly optimize for the most ideal location possible. This metric can be distilled by understanding the actual viewership versus potential viewership.

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