Ask the Board – November 14, 2016 | KENNETH BRINKMANN


In your opinion, what is the most lucrative aspect of outdoor digital signage?

Digital OOH has increased rapidly in recent years, and rightfully so. Panels have become much better, but what’s probably more important is the fierce price competition that has driven down prices to make digital screens an obvious choice for OOH locations. This also means that the number of panels nationwide has decreased as many vendors have taken down four or five panels and put up one digital screen at the best location. This is the route the industry needed to take to enhance the collective offering, and I think most advertisers are unaware that when they buy digital OOH, they get prime locations!

Since all digital inventory is connected, the opportunities for creating better and smarter campaigns is now better than ever. We have very rich data sets at hand to inform planning and buying, and we can use this data for serving the right content at the right location taking into account the local conditions and circumstances, which ultimately lead to more contextually relevant messaging. And why is that important? Several independent studies have proven the effectiveness, and have been able to prove impressive increases in brand awareness and ad recall when utilizing dynamic messaging in digital OOH. In turn, this is a win/win/win for both advertisers, who buy less wasted impressions, and therefore, increase the ROI of their investment, for consumers, who will see more targeted advertising matching their wants and needs where they are, and for the industry, where we have a chance to make the pie bigger for everyone by delivering impressions more targeted.

When used to its full potential, digital OOH dramatically increases the effectiveness of OOH campaigns by leveraging data and connectivity.

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