Ask the Board – November 14, 2016 | RICK ROBINSON


In your opinion, what is the most lucrative aspect of outdoor digital signage?

The exponential potential of digital OOH will be realized by brands and operators when they stop treating it like OOH and make it behave more like digital media. Sure, the capacity of digital OOH hardware has created premiums in spots, especially against large-format inventory where excess demand is historically persistent.

The driver is usually all about the value of place—the “where” of the medium.  And while this has created strong upside for operators, it is only a small piece of the actual digital OOH opportunity. The most lucrative aspect is opportunistic. It’s the notion of seizing a perishable context—the opportunity created by not only the place, but the when and why. Imagine the relative value of all Digital OOH in NYC during Fashion Week or Penn Station from 5 to 10 p.m. during the NBA All Star Game versus a garden-variety Tuesday at 10 a.m. Think dynamic versus programmatic.

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