Ask the Board – November 20, 2017 | CHRISTINA RADIGAN


What advertising trends, themes or design elements do you see as being on their way out and why?”

When digital signage and place-based networks were in their nascent stages, getting access to advertising content relied heavily on using those developed for television, i.e., the standard 30-second spot that is produced for a stationary viewer and typically relies heavily on audio.  But now, due to the vast proliferation of digital signage as well as IP- addressable technology and capabilities, more custom video shorts are being utilized often in combination with text in lieu of audio for the message to be conveyed. 

We are also seeing less full-screen video ads and a trend toward multiple ad elements on a split screen, often running adjacent to content, which takes advantage of maximizing viewer engagement and potential impressions since these networks often receive shorter dwell time compared to TV.


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