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What questions do you wish you had asked before you started your first big project?

One of my first big projects (I think it was about 500 locations in the U.K.) had a satellite-based network, which, in principal, is really good at multicasting many large files ONCE to all locations simultaneously (as opposed to a point-to-point network where each end point has to download the big files separately, which puts a huge burden on the network at the central server).

When the network got rolled out, files were not getting through, and as a technology solution provider, I was “guilty until proven innocent.”  To make a really long story short, the satellite network couldn’t reliably deliver 25MB to save its life…much less 300MB.  We ended up having to send in some of our top engineers to debug the client’s satellite network.  We did a test with a different satellite network and voila!  Everything magically worked.  We found the smoking gun.  But it took a while to figure out.

So the moral of the story: If your digital signage network is using the client’s IT infrastructure, make sure you ask enough questions about bandwidth and reliability to know that your solution will work. Don’t assume that it does, even if folks tell you it does!  

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