Ask the Board – November 21, 2016 | LYLE BUNN


What questions do you wish you had asked before you started your first big project?

I learned to ask these six primary questions when I started with digital signage projects more than 14 years ago, and they remain relevant to every project today.

  • How well informed are you about digital signage?
  • What are you expecting to achieve?
  • How will this digital signage program relate to other communications approaches? ‪
  • How will outcomes be measured?
  • Who will be involved?
  • How will this project be funded over time?

There are many more questions to be answered as the project moves through initiation, planning, design, sourcing, implementation and optimization, and the information at – RESOURCES will be helpful. A vendor-neutral advisor can help assure best value while minimizing costs and risks involved, and reducing the mistakes that can result from not asking the right questions or getting suitable answers.

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