Ask the Board – November 27, 2017 | BRYAN MESZAROS


The film industry has the Oscars. TV has the Emmys. How does the digital signage industry reward great examples of content?”

There is nothing better than saying you are an “award-winning agency.” It just rolls off the tongue so nicely and allows you to exude confidence! We have always been an industry driven by creativity and innovation, and yet for a while, we never embraced our accolades and success! Over the past several years, that has drastically changed with the launching of several key award programs, which have been embraced by the industry. It’s hard to name all of them, but for us, the top five we always compete for are:

– DSE APEX Awards

– SEGD Global Design Awards

– Digital Signage Awards 

– DailyDooh Gala Awards

– DIGI Awards 


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