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The film industry has the Oscars. TV has the Emmys. How does the digital signage industry reward great examples of content?”

Right now, the only award program I’m aware of specifically for Digital Signage Content is the APEX awards, which are given out annually at each Digital Signage Expo. The entrants into these award categories have improved steadily over the years, and the quality of these projects shows how much our industry is improving. Grabbing an APEX award isn’t easy, and looking at the winners over the years is really a great way to see how much content and creativity have improved in digital signage!

Other AV industry shows have awards as well, but these seem to focus on AV installations over content and presentation. There’s nothing wrong with awards for the overall project and hardware installation, but it’s great that we do have an award focused specifically on creativity and user experience.

Years ago, the larger advertising and marketing space was slow to adopt web and other technologies for campaign awards. They eventually did catch up, and you now see major advertising awards like the Cannes Lions and One Show with categories for interactive campaigns and experiential advertising. Typically, entrants into these shows are the top brands and their large agencies, but I’m certain we will see straight digital signage agencies submitting and winning for their interactive work.

There are several smaller and more general creative awards for agencies to submit to as well, along with trade industry specific awards like SEGD’s awards for wayfinding. Our industry is changing, and creativity continues to lead over technology. As this trend continues, interactive agencies will have more opportunities for our work to receive the recognition it deserves.


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