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The film industry has the Oscars. TV has the Emmys. How does the digital signage industry reward great examples of content?”

I give massive kudos for those companies that win awards in the industry for content. It is inspiring and exciting to see some of the content being created for digital signage. 

Frankly though, I don’t follow them too closely. I do attend the APEX awards given out at DSE every year and may find myself pulled into a quick announcement for a DIGI award, Telly award or an award from the DSA. The awards are given for outstanding production quality and execution on intended marketing/experience/business objectives. 

Screenfeed helps our customers meet their objective as well. However, the objective is rooted in having a playlist that is fresh, high-quality and engaging day in and day out. This is a different philosophy and business objective from pumping a whole year’s massive budget into a single campaign/project/event. 

It’s like comparing caviar (content worth awards) to a family setting a budget each year for fresh food to keep their family healthy with a balanced diet. Both are very good things!

I say this to encourage many of those networks in the industry that don’t have an award on their shelf. Just because you don’t have an award doesn’t mean you aren’t creating a great business and a lot of value for your audience. It just means you have a different business model in play that isn’t “newsworthy.” 

Let’s be honest … a balanced diet is hardly newsworthy, and these awards do a great job inspiring us content creators, expanding the expectations and raising the bar. So, by all means, follow these industry awards, get inspired, (maybe even go for an award yourself!) but just make sure that is your company’s objective. And, it’s okay if it isn’t!


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