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How do you approach content when using digital signage for something along the lines of an emergency alert?

My approach to content for emergency messages differs depending on the type of alert that is needed. Is it for a tornado or some other weather related calamity, a gas leak, or is it for an active shooter scenario? Each type of emergency requires different content, as well as a person who is going to upload the content. Where I work, there are different groups responsible for emergency messages. If it is a weather-related calamity, flooding or tornadoes, those messages are usually provided by our multimedia team, which is part of our communications department. These messages are usually done with a banner across our existing content. The banner is usually color-coded in yellow to catch the employee’s eye, indicating what is happening and providing action that is needed by the viewer. When other types of emergencies occur, our security team usually provides the alert. This is normally a full-screen static image indicating what is happening and what action needs to be taken, such as evacuating the building or shelter-in-place. For each of the described types of content, ready-made templates have been created, which allows the person providing the message the ability to construct the message as it needs to be.

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