Ask the Board – November 6, 2017 | BRYAN MESZAROS


Why do most AV integrators NOT sell digital signage?”

The challenge for AV integrators is to better understand all aspects of digital signage. In other words, digital signage is not just a “hardware” sale. Prospective clients want and need to know how they can capitalize on their investment. Digital signage can have a significant impact on the operations of a business if there is a successful “strategy,” and a variety of “creative services” are offered with it. Today’s prospective digital signage buyers are looking for assistance beyond IT. They need help creating content, developing a content strategy and managing the day-to-day operations of a program. Most of those skillsets are not in the wheelhouse of an AV/integrator firm, which is a perfect opportunity for professional integrators to partner with custom content firms who can help provide them with the strategic guidance and creative product they need to sell to their clients to ensure successful installations. Today, the complexity of a digital signage solution requires more than one firm to launch a successful program. AV/integrators who are not familiar with content solutions need to reach out to those of us who do this every day.


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