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Why do most AV integrators NOT sell digital signage?”

End-user customers don’t buy digital signage because they want a bunch of technology! They’re trying to solve a communication challenge, and are first and foremost concerned with what the screen will communicate. Content communicates, which means that digital signage is as much a creative solution as it is a technology solution. I find a lot of AV integrators who aren’t comfortable selling the non-technology parts of signage such as content strategy, marketing messages and other creative so they disregard these imperatives entirely. Some integrators are learning to partner with creative shops so they CAN lead with the creative content that clients are really asking for, and then provide the hardware and technology as well.

I often compare our industry to how websites get built. Developing a website requires creative strategy, messaging, graphics, programming and technology. You don’t sell an end-user customer a server and a software license when they come looking for a website, and you should never lead with hardware when selling digital signage.

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