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Why do most AV integrators NOT sell digital signage?”

AV integrators work with projects. These projects can range from building a new conference room to creating an emergency response command center. Involved would be equipment, including everything from audio to video to lighting to control panels to everything in between. These projects are typically “must haves” for the clients. They are driven by a client need that directly impacts their business and productivity. Digital signage, however, can still be considered relatively new to the AV Market. Several verticals are still making the decision to move toward digital signage from static signs or outdated screen solutions. Thus, as a whole, it is not considered a “must have”…yet.

On the flip side, digital signage is a booming industry. Unfortunately, it is one with a deep pool of options that can overwhelm the user, as well as the AV integrator. And every solution claims to be the best, but upon a closer look and evaluation, not all live up to what they say. So, between focusing on the “must have” aspects of projects, too many options and the very real question of “how do I choose?,” AV integrators have had a struggle to integrate digital signage into their overall customer strategy. Therefore, many integrators rely on the digital signage manufacturer to drive deals.

At AVI-SPL, we focus on best-of-breed solutions, shortening the list of digital signage vendors to a few that deliver a robust content management system, have excellent support and are cost effective.

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