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Why do most AV integrators NOT sell digital signage?”

Designing, implementing and operating digital signage networks is a complicated endeavor that requires specialty skills that are not always part of the traditional AV integrator’s toolkit. For that reason alone, most AV integrators do not sell digital signage solutions. Most of the specialty skills revolve around strategy/design, IT engineering, creative services and network operations.

Digital signage networks have many different applications and can be implemented with different purposes. Some are designed for retail environments and others for transportation hubs, corporate offices or for advertising. Each application requires a unique strategy and design methodology. Integrators and managed service providers that specialize in digital signage will understand what the challenges are for each of those types of networks and work with their client to create a custom solution that meets their needs. 

Another key service a digital signage integrator needs to provide is IT engineering. There are a lot of security concerns lately that require digital signage networks to be designed as securely as possible. The servers, players, routers and modems need to be configured correctly so that the customer’s data and content are transferred without issue and not intercepted or manipulated in any way.

Lastly, for a digital signage network to be successful, the client will need assistance with operating the system. In addition to ensuring the players are healthy and working correctly, operating the software to create and manage content is a key requirement. AV integrators that design, implement and managed digital signage networks are prepared to offer these services to the client. Most AV integrators do not have those skillsets in-house and thus opt to not sell signage at all.

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